Author's tour - Four Canyons

Moon, Black, Bestamak, Temirlik Canyons

Canyons of Almaty: tour Details

🍴 Food on-site – Bring a snack (guide can provide lunch box for extra payment).

🕒 Approx. – 12 hours. Distance 500 km both way / 1 h walking (level – easy).

🌞 Weather is seasonal, and a temperature range from + 45˚C to – 15 ˚C. We suggest wearing layers.

💲 Tour Price – Standard tour (vehicle 6 seats/guide) – from 100 000 tenge

✔ Any tour can be changed according to your wishes.

Departure from Almaty
Guide/driver will pick you up from your hotel. On the way, you will know about the city and the country in general. You will see Charyn Canyon from another side, one of the big benefits of this trip – no tourists.
Arriving in Yellow Canyon
Small hiking in panorama place 20 min
Arriving in Black Canyon
Most of the spellbinding Canyon here with stopover 25 min
The Valley of Castles Other Side
Here we will see Canyon – Napoleon, why Napoleon? You should look first. And we will see Bestamak
Arriving in Temirlik Canyon
Lunch on the nature, next to the river
Return back to Almaty
After lunch, we drive back to Almaty. The guide will drive you back to the hotel.

Moon, Black, Bestamak, Temirlik

Speaking about the canyon, the first thing that comes to mind is Charyn Canyon, but few people know that there are several other canyons nearby, different in landscape and even in color.
Moon or Yellow Canyon is so named because of the color of its constituent rocks. The vast expanse resembling lunar landscapes looks unusual and picturesque.
Black Canyon, or in another way, the Stone Shelf, is a branch of the Charyn Canyon. The name reflects the essence - the walls of the canyon are made of black stone. The peculiarity is the incredibly steep slopes, it takes your breath away when looking at the river far below.
Bestamak - from Kazakh for "5 dinners" - is striking with different colors of the canyon walls.
Temirlik - the canyon of the Temirlik River. The length of the canyon is about 11 km, a depth of about 50 m. Feature - dense vegetation creates comfortable conditions for recreation, setting up camp. The river has fish, even fishing is possible.
All canyons are located in one side, behind the Charyn canyon, at a distance of 200-250 km from Almaty.

Tour 4 Canyons is a weekend tour through the canyons, mostly by car.

It consists of moving from location to location, choosing the most picturesque views. The most striking thing is that everything seems to be at short distances, but completely different tectonic structure of the canyons and the color of its walls.
For lunch we usually stop in Temirlik Canyon, it is the most comfortable because of the trees growing along the river bank, creating a pleasant shade.

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