Tour to Charyn-Kolsay-Kaiyndy in a day

Express Tour

Kaiyndy/Kolsay/Charyn: tour Details

🍴 Food on-site – Bring a snack (café on the lake for extra payment).

🕒 Approx. – 7 hours. Distance 750 km both way / 2,5 h walking (level - medium).

🌞 Weather is seasonal, and temperature range from + 30˚C to – 15 ˚C. We suggest wearing layers.

💲 Tour Price – Standard tour (vehicle 6 seats/guide) – from 130 000 tenge

✔ Any tour can be changed according to your wishes.

Departure from Almaty
Early morning transfer from your hotel.
Arriving at the lake Kaindy
Walking to the lake 4 km total. Horse riding is possible (extra payment)
Arriving at the lake Kolsay
Lunch in nature and after small hiking around the lake.
Arriving in Charyn Canyon - The Valley Of Castles
Hiking in the Canyon 3/6 km
Return to Almaty

After hiking at 18.00 we start to drive back to Almaty. The guide will drive you back to the hotel.

Express tour of Kaiyndy/Kolsay/Charyn

Express tour is an opportunity to see the most picturesque locations of Kolsay/Kayyndy/Charyn in one day.
Kolsay 1 is a high-mountain lake with the clearest azure water. You can take a catamaran or a boat and enjoy a boat trip.
Kayindy (Kaindy) is a legendary lake in the vicinity of Almaty. It was formed by an earthquake, flooding the age-old spruces, which still rise from the depths of the lake. Breathtaking views and stunning shots are guaranteed.
Charyn Canyon is also called a small Grand Canyon. After the greenery of the mountains you will plunge into the alien-historical views of the landscape.

Lakes Kolsay 1,2,3 are located in Kolsay Kolder national park, which is 350 km from Almaty city, between Kungei Alatau and Zailiysky Alatau ridges. It is located in the Kolsay Gorge in the border zone with Kyrgyzstan.
Called the Pearls of the Tien Shan, the Kolsai Lakes are located a short distance from each other.
Lake Kaiyndy is located in a neighboring gorge. The road to the lake is mountainous, so it is advisable to go there in 4 WD off-road vehicles. Famous for the centuries-old pines rising from the depths, which looks stunningly picturesque in both summer and winter.
Charyn Canyon is on the way to the lakes, 170 km from the city.

The express tour is a challenge of endurance, because you visit 3 sites: Kolsay 1 and Kayındı lakes and Charyn Canyon in one day.
The whole way will be by Toyota Sequoia off-road vehicle, but there will be also walks - to Kayindy lake and along Charyn canyon.
We will see Lake Kayindy, have lunch at Lake Kolsay - a cafe, a yurt, or a picnic by the lake. It is possible to sail on the lake by boat or by catamaran.
On the way back we will visit Charyn canyon, you can walk along the bottom of the canyon - the Valley of Castles, or along the upper trail.

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