Tour 2 days to the Lake Kolsay 1, Kaindy and Charyn Canyon

Kolsay 1+ Kaindy: tour Details

🍴 Food on-site – Cafes, lunch box on the first day (for extra payment).

🕒 Time – 2 days. Distance 700 km both way / 3 h walking (level – easy).

🌞 Weather is seasonal, and temperature range from + 45˚C to – 15 ˚C. We suggest wearing layers.

💲 Tour Price – Standard tour (vehicle 6 seats/guide) – from

170 000 tenge

💲 Extra payment – meals, accommodation, fees

✔ Any tour can be changed according to your wishes

Day 1 - 08:00 
Day 1 - 08:00 
Departure from Almaty.
Guide/driver will pick you up from your hotel. On the way, you will know about Charyn Canyon, lakes Kolsay and Kaiyndy, and the country in general.
Charyn Canyon The Valley of Castles
First Stopover in Charyn Canyon, distance 195 km. Hiking 6 km, lunch will be next to the river in the canyon. After hiking, departure to Kolsay lake.
Departure to Kolsay lake.
On the way to the lake, we will stop in the Black Canyon (15 min stopover).
Kolsay Lake
Hiking around the lake. Possible to rent a boat (extra payment).
Guest house in Saty village/ Hotel
Arriving in guest house/ hotel. Dinner.
Day 2 - 8.30
Day 2 - 8.30
Breakfast and departure to the lake Kaindy
Next place is Kaindy lake, wich is located 20 km far from our accommodation. Hiking to the lake will take 2 km. You can try a horse riding to the lake (extra payment).
Lunch on the way to Almaty
Baiseit, Uighur village, you can try local cuisine.
Return back to Almaty.
After lunch, we drive back to Almaty. The guide will drive you back to the hotel.

Kolsay 1, Kaindy and Charyn Canyon

Lakes Kolsay 1,2,3 are high-altitude lakes with the clearest azure water. They are called the Pearls of Tien-Shan because they are located close to each other, like beads in a necklace.
Lake Kolsay 1 offers tourists to enjoy scenic views and walks along the coast, or rent a boat or catamaran and sail around the lake.
Kayindy (Kaindy) - the famous lake with the trunks of pine trees growing straight out of the water. this phenomenon is explained by the fact that the lake was formed as a consequence of an earthquake, flooding the gorge. Very cold water doesn't let the pines destroy, so they please the tourists with their unusual views.
Charyn Canyon will be a pleasant contrast after the green-blue colors of the mountains. called the younger brother of the Grand Canyon, Charyn delights with thousands of years of landscapes.

Lakes Kolsay 1,2,3 are located in Kolsay National Park, 350 km from Almaty, between Kungei Alatau and Zailiysky Alatau ridges. They are located in the Kolsai Gorge in the border area with Kyrgyzstan.
Lake Kolsay 1 is at an altitude of 1800m, to Kolsay 2 you have to climb another 8 km on foot or on horseback.

Lake Kaiyndy is located in the neighboring gorge. The road to the lake is mountainous, so it is advisable to go there in 4 WD off-road vehicles. Famous for the centuries-old pines rising from the depths, which looks stunningly picturesque in both summer and winter.

Charyn Canyon is on the way to the lakes, 170 km from the city.
The excursion to Kolsay and Kayindy lakes implies two days. During this time you can comfortably enjoy your rest.

You can choose from three options for spending the night: a guesthouse in the village of Saty with meals included, hotels on the shore of Lake Kolsay 1 with a view of the lake or tents in the warm season.
The order of visiting the lakes and the canyon can be changed, usually we visit Kolsay 1 lake on one day and Kayindy and Charyn on the second.
You are supposed to walk around the lake Kolsay 1, to Kayindy lake and along the Charyn canyon, so we advise to wear comfortable shoes.
The trip is possible at any time of the year - autumn colors of the contrast of spruce and deciduous trees, fresh summer greenery and coolness, or winter fairy-tale charm.

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