Boguty Red Mountain Tour

Bogutty (Bugutty, Bogutty): tour program

🍴 Food - Snack from home / Lunchboxes from the guide / catering (extra charge).

🕒 Time - 8/9 hours Distance 400 km round trip / 2 hour walk (level of difficulty - easy).

🌞 Weather - +45°C to -15°C depending on time of year. It is recommended to wear layers.

💲 Price per tour - Standard tour (transport 6 seater/guide) - from 80000 tenge.

✔ Any tour can be changed according to your wishes.

Departure from Almaty.
The guide/driver will pick you up from your place of residence. On the way you will learn the history of the city and the place where you are going - Boguty. On the way there will be picturesque places on the way to Boguty mountains. There are photo stops.
Arrival at the red mountains of Boguty
We reach Ulken Boguty, here we have to walk through the red mountains of Boguty.
Lunch in the open air
Lunch in Boguty will be held in the open air, the guide will set up all the necessary camping equipment. At the request of clients it is possible to cook kebab for an additional fee.
Return to Almaty
After lunch we return to Almaty.

Red Bogutty Mountains

Another unusual location in our tours is the Bogutty Mountains (Bugutty, Bogutty).

They are interesting because of the incredible colors of the landscape, from gray tones to orange and burgundy colors.
They are the spurs of the Zailiisky Alatau range with a maximum height of about 1,816 meters. They are divided into Big (Ulken) Boguty and Small (Kishi) Boguty.
They are valuable for the country because of tungsten deposits found in their depths.

For tourists, however, amazing color transitions and combinations of Boguta Mountains. Martian landscapes will make you watch them with bated breath. On the surface of Boguchans there are scattered as if glasses, which shine in the sun - quartz or mica crystals reaching the surface.
Boguty Mountains are the habitat of gazelles, gazelles, hares and many species of birds.
The legends of Chingiz Aitmatov speak of the Bogutta tribe that once lived on the territory of the modern Bogutta Mountains.

Boguty mountains are located in the northeast spur of Zailiyskiy Alatau mountain range, 195 kilometers from Almaty city.
The road to them consists of two parts - a good roadbed, concrete and asphalt, and an unpaved part, where only off-road vehicles may pass.

The unpaved road to the Boguty Mountains runs along the bottom of the gorge, along the bed formed by the streams of rainwater, so you should not drive near the tour in bad weather, as the soil erodes and there is a chance of getting bogged down far from civilization.

The location of Red Mountains Boguty at a distance of 195 km from the city allows you to organize here as a weekend tour, and with an overnight stay at the hot springs Chunzhi and a stop on the way back in the Charyn canyon or Bartogay reservoir.
Lunch can be arranged as a picnic lunch - a snack to go, lunch boxes from the guide or catering by the guide.
Visiting the Boguty Mountains does not depend on the time of year, perhaps only in summer can be a little hot. In winter, the contrast of the landscape's red color with the snow looks mesmerizingly beautiful.

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