Jeep tours in Almaty and Kazakhstan

Hurry up to see the beauty of the country with us!

Jeep tours in Almaty region and Kazakhstan.

The nature of Kazakhstan - boundless steppes, high mountain ranges and peaks, the Caspian Sea coast, ringing waterfalls and rivers, lakes and reservoirs.
Because of the vast territories, the most beautiful locations are quite distant from each other, so for a comfortable trip to the tours, we recommend choosing a new direction of tourism - jeep tours.

Jeep tours in Kazakhstan and Almaty represent a tourist trip on comfortable off-road vehicles specially designed for tourism. The off-road car drivers will give you a tour guide and acquaint you with the history of the places you are going to, as well as support any conversation.

What are comfortable jeep-tours:
1. Individual approach. You do not need to depend on a large number of strangers, a tourist program may change according to your wishes.
2. Comfort. Jeep tours are quite different from bus tours in terms of comfort. Kazakhstan is a country with a harsh continental climate, so the presence of air conditioners and heaters are a must on the trips.
3. Provision. We take into account your wishes: For those who like comfort and service, overnight stays and lunches will be in hotels and cafes. If you want to feel the charms of camping - overnight stays can be organized in tents, cook on a campfire and enjoy the adventure.
4. The best locations and the most picturesque places. Off-road car is named so, because it can pass there, where the bus won't pass, which means you can see the most beautiful and inaccessible places.

Our fleet consists of Vip-class SUVs - Toyota Sequoia. This SUV is designed for 7 people (including the driver), spacious and comfortable inside. Regularly we carry out repairs of cars, before each trip we carry out technical diagnostics.

Jeep tours in Almaty can be one-day or multi-day tours.
Locations closer than 300 kilometers can be seen in one day without overnight stays.
You can take a jeep tour along the canyons, express-tours to the Kolsai Lakes, trips to the Tamgaly Tas petroglyphs (under the auspices of UNESCO), or to the Buddha images and the Nomadic Castle, Issyk Lake and Turgen waterfalls.
Multi-day jeep-tours include visits to one or more locations. As a rule, it is Kolsay lakes with visiting of the second lake, Altyn Emel national park, a trip to Tekes waterfall and Tuzkol lake or all these locations together.
On our site you can familiarize with each location and tour in details.
There are a lot of picturesque locations in Almaty region, we can pick up a program of jeep tour just for you!

Weekend tours

Charyn Canyon

A trip to the legendary Charyn Canyon with a walk through the valley of castles

From 80 000 tenge
Assy Plateau

Alpine plateau - zhailau with an observatory

From 90 000 tenge

Lake Issyk

A trip to the azure lake Issyk with a stop at the Museum of the Golden Man

From 60 000 tenge


Author's express tour: three locations in one day

From 120 000 tenge

Bear Waterfall

One of the waterfalls of Turgen - Bear waterfall

From 65 000 tenge

Kairaksky waterfall

The most beautiful Turgen waterfall - Kairaksky waterfall

From 80 000 tenge

Petroglyphs of Tamgaly (Tanbaly)

Historical petroglyphs in the Tambaly tract under the auspices of UNESCO

From 80 000 tenge

Petroglyphs of Tamgaly Tas - Buddha + Nomad Castle

Tour to the castle of nomads and to the petroglyphs of the Buddha, on the banks of the Ili River
From 70 000 tenge
Author's tour 4 canyons
Author's tour 4 canyons in one day - Moon, Black, Bestamak, Temirlik

From 100 000 tenge

Multi-day tours

Kolsay 1 + Kaindy + Charyn
Tour for 2 days to the picturesque alpine lakes Kolsaу and Kaindy

From 150 000 tenge
Kolsaу 1 and 2 + Kaindy + Charyn
3-day tour to Kolsai and Kaiyndy lakes with a trip to Kolsai lake 2

From 250 000 tenge
Altyn Emel
Tour for 2 Days to The Singing dune, Aktau mountains, Katytau, 700-year-old willow tree

From 170 000 tenge
Tekes waterfall + Tuzkol lake
2 Days tour to a thicket-shaped waterfall and Lake Tuzkol, from which you can admire the mountain Khan Tengri.

From 160 000 tenge

Golden ring

Author's 4-days tour: Kolsay and Kaindy lakes, Charyn canyon, Altyn-Emel

From 320 000 tenge
Kaindy + Kolsay1 + Charyn
2 Days tour to the unique lakes Kaiyndy, Kolsai 1, and Charyn Canyon

From 150 000 tenge
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