Mountain hike (hiking)
on Kok-Zhailau

Kok - Zhailau: Program of the hike

🍴 Food - Snacks from home / Lunchboxes from guide (extra charge).

🕒 Time -6/7 hours. Distance 8 km both ways.

🌞 Weather - +25°C to -15°C depending on time of year. It is recommended to wear layers.

💲 Price per tour - Standard Tou (mountain guide; Group up to 6 people) - from 45 000 tg.

There is a possibility of transfer from the place of accommodation (extra charge).

✔ Any hike can be changed according to your wishes.

Departure from Almaty
Meeting at a designated place or transfer from the accommodation (extra charge)
Small Almaty Gorge.
The beginning of the route will be quite steep, because we need to get to the ridge, then there will be a smooth climb to the final point of our route.
Kok Zhailau Plateau
After climbing the plateau, we find the best place for lunch, preferably with a view of the city.
Descent to the Prosveshchenets sanatorium
Transfer to the city


Kok-Zhailau is a tract in Ile-Alatau Park. It is located between the canyons Small and Big Almaty. It is the most popular mountain trail in Almaty. It is located 10 km from Almaty, on the way to the high-mountainous skating rink Medeu.

The route is not complicated and does not require special training. Perfect for both beginners and more experienced mountain hikers. Most of the route passes among centuries-old fir trees that provide excellent shade in the sultry heat. The altitude difference is about 450 m.
During the ascent, incredible views of the city and the surrounding gorge, as well as of the peaks of Nursultan, Abay and Talgar open up.

The seasonality of the Kok-Zhailau mountain hike is year-round. In winter, many Almaty citizens and guests of the city go up to Kok-Zhailau with ice-skates and hammocks to go down in a breeze. In summer, a mountain hike is a great opportunity to spend time with health benefits.
At the beginning of the trail in the Prosveshchenets Gorge, where in Soviet times there was a rest house of the same name, there is a spring where many people of Almaty take clean mountain water to their homes.
The height of the tract reaches 1700 m above sea level. The magnificent nature will allow you to enjoy the views from Kok-Zhailau.
Not everyone knows, but you can get to Kok-Zhailau plateau itself from the side of Alma-Arasan gorge. The trail on the other side is more gentle, and the ascent time is the same.

The guide is certified as a mountain tourism instructor and has a first aid certificate, so you can feel safe and enjoy your hike.

The mountains are a place of high danger, we recommend not to hike alone, it is better to rely on an experienced instructor.

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