Mountain hike to the T1 Tuyuksu Glaciological Station

Tuyuksu T1: hike program

🍴 Food - Snacks from home / Lunchboxes from guide (extra charge).

🕒 Time - 7/8 hours Distance 16 km round trip

🌞 Weather - +25°C to -15°C depending on time of year. It is recommended to wear layers.

💲 Price per tour - Standard Tour (mountain guide; Group up to 6 people) - 45 000 tenge.

💲Dinner and cab ride to Shymbulak is extra.

Transfer from the place of accommodation is possible (extra charge)

✔ Any hike can be changed according to your wishes.

Departure from Almaty
Meeting at a designated place or transfer from the accommodation (extra charge).
We start the route from Shymbulak
After reaching Medeo we take a cab or take a funicular up to the start.
Mynzhylky Dam
Our way will pass through the gorge Maloye Almatinskoye, the road will go mostly with a smooth climb. But we should not forget that we will start the ascent from 2200 m. No special hurry is needed here.
Circus of the Tuyuk-Su glacier
Climbing up to the glaciological station T1 we have dinner. The altitude is 3400, so the rapid change of weather is a common phenomenon here.
Descent to Medeo
Transfer to the city.

Glaciological station T1 Tuyuk-Su

The glaciological station was founded in 1956 to observe the Tuyuk-Su glacier. It is located in the basin of the Malaya Almatinka River and is the only station that has survived since Soviet times that makes an assessment of the state of glaciers in Central Asia based on the behavior of the glacier. Observations continue all year round.
The mountain hike to glaciation station T1 passes by the Mynzhylky dam, which is located above the Shymbulak ski complex. On the way we pass by the alpine camp Tuyuk-Su and the memorial to fallen mountaineers.

The station is located at an altitude of 3400 m, 1.5 km from the glacier itself. The mountain hike is quite long and physically difficult, the distance of the hike in one direction is about 8 km, the surface of the trail is mostly loose and stony. Trekking boots, sticks, and a pack or seatpost are needed.

T1 Tuyuk-Su station offers stunning views of the surrounding mountain peaks: Pioneer Peak, Molodezhny Peak, Needles of Tuyuk-Su, as well as the gorge and town. The station's wooden cabins blend in harmoniously with the rugged scenery of rocks and glaciers.
If you want to admire the glacier and the famous glaciostation - write to us, we will pick up suitable dates for the mountain hike.

The guide has a mountain hiking instructor certificate and first aid certificate, so you can feel safe and enjoy the hike.

The mountains are a place of high danger, we recommend not to hike alone, it is better to rely on an experienced instructor.

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