Mountain Hiking in Almaty

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"Mountains are not stadiums where I satisfy my ambitions, they are temples where I practice my religion" - Anatoly Boukreev
Almaty is located at the foot of the Zailiisky Alatau Ridge. Locals and tourists take advantage of every opportunity to spend time in the mountains. Fresh mountain air, nature, removal from the noise of the megapolis, moderate physical activity - all this helps you rest from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

There are several kinds of recreation in the mountains. You can visit the following ski resorts: Chimbulak, Akbulak, Oy-Karagai Forest Tale. We also offer jeep tours to mountain lakes and waterfalls far away from Almaty, as well as mountain hiking practically from the city.

Mountain hiking or hiking is a popular way of spending your free time in Almaty.
Mountains offer any type of activity for any kind of preparation.

But you should realize that mountains are the place of high danger, we do not recommend to go to hiking alone, it's better to rely on an experienced instructor.

Mountain hikes are of several types:
1. Hiking for short distances, with a set altitude of 500-700 meters. They do not require special training, the complexity is light. The purest mountain air, physical activity, aesthetic pleasure. These are Kok-Zhailau, Gorelnik, Alma-Arasan Hot Springs, Terra Glade, Manshuk Mametova Lake.
2. Multiday mountain hiking with overnights. Distances a day from 10 km, a considerable set of height, demands physical endurance. Level of complexity - average. Overnight stay in tents, wild nature, amazingly starry sky, sitting by the fire - romantic camping is guaranteed!
3. Climbing the peaks. Can be one or more days, depending on the remoteness of the peak. You should have physical training and in some places - mountaineering equipment to gain the altitude up to 1000 m. Furmanov Peak, Sovetov Peak, Big Almaty Peak, Abay Peak and Nursultan Peak.
4. Climbing. Requires special training and equipment.

You must understand that mountains are a risk. Do not neglect your safety, use the services of mountain guides. Our guide is a certified mountain guide, as well as a certificate of first aid.

Do not hesitate to write to us and ask for details of the mountain hike. The guide will help you navigate through the hiking programs and assess your endurance. We offer individual mountain hikes, so that the movement will take place at your pace, making stops and pauses mountain guide will be guided by your condition and well-being.

One-day hikes

Hike to Kok-Zhailau tract from Prosveshchenets Gorge or from Alma-Arasan
from 45 000 tg
Bogdanovich Glacier
Hike to the tongue of the glacier on moraine rock placer

from 45 000 tg
Bukreev Peak
Climbing Bukreev Peak (Pionersky) from the Butakovsky Pass
from 45 000 tg
Furmanov Peak
Hike to Furmanov Peak and Heavenly Swings, Kim-Asar Gorge
from 45 000 tg
T1 Tuyuk-Su glaciological station
Hiking to the glacier and glaciological station T1, past the Mynzhylky dam
from 45 000 tg
Big Almaty Lake (BAL)
Hike to the Big Almaty Lake - BAL

from 45 000 tg

Where you can go on a jeep tour:

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