Tour guide, guide-driver, mountain guide in Almaty


My name is Maxim and I am a master of recreation.
I have been working in the field of tourism for more than 8 years and I can organize holidays for every taste and budget.
Jeep tours on a comfortable SUV Toyota Sequoia, mountain hiking, and climbing, city tours, activities for every taste.
I graduated from the Academy of Sports and Tourism and have a master's degree in tourism, mountain guide certificates, and a first-aid certificate, as well as a tour guide certificate.
I am fluent in English and Russian, I can support any topic of conversation. My hobbies are running, playing the guitar, and cooking.

Write me a request with convenient dates, we will select a tour and you will only have to relax and enjoy your vacation!Привет!

Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world, so the distances between locations are quite long.
We care about your comfort and for you to enjoy the trip we provide the most comfortable off-road vehicles.
Our cars are technically inspected before each trip, so you do not have to worry about your safety.

The main components of a good vacation or weekend getaway:

  • Season.
Kazakhstan is a country with a sharply continental climate, which, firstly, allows the weather to change quite dramatically, and secondly, it varies from hot weather to snow. In order to get the most complete impressions of the selected locations, it is better to choose the right time of the year - some areas, in particular the canyons of Charyn, Black, Lunar and Temirlik, as well as Altyn-Emel are deserted, so the heat of 40 degrees instead of pleasant feelings may give you a peeled nose. To visit these sites preferably choose spring - when the steppe blossoms, or autumn - when it is warm and not damp, but not hot and red-hot.
Mountain lakes, on the contrary, are not recommended to visit in spring due to melting snow, mud and coolness, but they are picturesque in summer, winter and especially autumn - the contrast of yellow leaves and green conifers is very bright.
Recently popular are ice locations, which accordingly exist only in winter time - frozen waterfalls, ice hummocks on Kapchagai, ice volcano or hike to ice caves.
Our guide, Maxim will help you to navigate and to choose the best time for your vacation.

  • Transport.
Kazakhstan is a huge country. Most of the places of interest are located 200-300 kilometers away from Almaty, and one-day weekend tours take at least 50 kilometers one way. A part of the way to the locations is along country, steppe and mountain roads, so as not to spoil your impressions with jolting and discomfort, choose a four-wheel drive off-road vehicle.
Jeep tours are now the most comfortable way to travel around Kazakhstan and Almaty. We drive you on high-class off-road vehicles - Toyota Sequoia. Designed specifically for tourists, 7-seat spacious cars will allow you to enjoy the trip in comfort.

  • Guide.
The tour guide-driver is essentially the main person who organizes your vacation and your mood. Maxim has an education in tourism and is certified as a mountain guide as well as a tour guide. For your safety he has passed first aid courses, in case of emergencies.
Tour guide from the guide-driver has a better knowledge of the area, he will entertain you with the stories or talk about serious things in Russian or English. Take a picture of you in beautiful places, cook dinner as desired and agreed, and take you to the mountains.

  • Companions.
What is nice about individual jeep tours - you do not need to adjust to other people. On the trip will be a guide-driver and you with family or friends.

  • Mood.
It happens so that the weather interferes with the pre-planned vacation. Well, we do not control it, but no need to despair - the car is reliable, our guide pleasant to communicate, you just relax and enjoy. Take the trip as an adventure - any weather is good for smiles.

Relax and enjoy your vacation, and we'll take care of the details!

Where you can go on a jeep tour:

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